Pastors Day – Celebrating Pastor Abel Rodriguez 30 Years of Pastorship

In March of 1989 upon the sudden death of Pastor Stanley Rodriguez, it was approved that  the co-pastor of the congregation, Minister Abel E. Rodriguez would assume the pastorate. At the age of 34, Minister Abel E. Rodriguez would then become the youngest of all the Pastors of El Siloé. He, along with his wife Corrina and their children Kristie and Andrew were installed as the first family of El Siloé. They are the first ‘home grown’ to minister and pastor this great church. Both have been part of this church since their birth. Pastor Abel E. Rodriguez assumed the huge task of completing the construction of the Educational Building. This building is now used by our Sunday School Department and the Christian School, Apostolic Christian Academy (1999-2018). Under the watch of Pastor Abel E. Rodriguez, the church has expanded its ministry to encompass both and English and Spanish Ministry. El Siloé has on many occasions sponsored many community events such as Holiday Dinners to the less fortunate, toy give-a-ways, food donations, and more. Pastor Rodriguez shares a community vision and has invited our facilities to be used for county parenting classes, election polling locations, Social Services community events, University satellite seminars locations for California State University L.A. and much more. He is a graduate of the Latin American Theological Seminary and has served the Apostolic Assembly in Sector, District and National assignments. He served as the East Los Angeles District Bishop from 2011 to 2019.

  Under the vision of Pastor Abel E. Rodriguez, the church has taken a very compassionate direction. Currently Pastor Rodriguez is acknowledged as having a Shepherd’s Heart and the ministry of what the Bible refers to as a teaching Elder. We know that there are so many more triumphs and victories in the Lord that God will give to our church. It is here under his pastorate that the church is taking on a ministry of compassion and thus the name “A Place of Healing”.